How to Create an Order

You can start in one of three places - with your own design, with a stock design, with a garment or accessory.


If you have your own logo or design idea, email us a high quality graphic image. We will analyze your design and provide an estimate to have it digitized (converted to machine language for the embroidery machine). Once the design has been digitized, you can select apparel or accessories on which to place your logo. You can browse our clothing catalogs or provide your own garments. (We are willing to sew on your garments with the understanding that we are not responsible for damage caused by our equipment.)

You may select a design from our library. Note the website where you found the design, the design number or ID and a brief description of the design. At this point you may browse the  clothing catalogs and choose one or more garments. Again, note the website, garment style number, color and size. Go the "Contact Us" page and send us your choices.


Perhaps you are looking for a specific type or style of clothing. Start by visiting our favorite vendors. Write down the website, garment style number, color and size. If you are not sure yet what design you want, send us your clothing choices through our inquiry form.  Browse our library to select your preferred design(s), and then send us the website, design number and a brief description.

Remember that garments and designs are priced separately. We will not charge you for anything until all the elements of your order are discussed. We do require a deposit of 50% before ordering apparel.

Deb Canter       440-653-0789

Barn Threads of Ohio
18177 Pitts Road
Wellington, OH 44090

All of the above pricing is based upon the use of standard threads and colors. Specialty threads (eg. metallic, variegated, etc)may have an up charge based upon the volume of thread used. If you have questions about how to estimate the price of a design, please call or email.

As of January 2016 I will no longer be offering embroidered hats.


Number of Stitches
Less than 5000
Between 10000-19999
$1.40 per thousand stitches
Between 20000-29999
$1.30 per thousand stitches
Greater than 30000
$1.20 per thousand stitches

(440)653 0789

18177 Pitts Rd. Wellington OH 44090 US