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I have generally been willing to stitch on items my customers supply (blankets, jackets, shirts, etc).  There is an inherent risk for me as a business owner because if my equipment has a bad day and damages your item I can not replace it.  When you buy garments from me and I damage them, I replace them at no cost to the customer.  I do not replace customer supplied items.  I have never destroyed a customer's garment, but there is always a chance.  

The following policy applies to items provided by customers:

All items presented for decoration by any method (embroidery, heat transfer, dye sublimation) will carry a $10 flat fee per item provided in addition to the cost of decoration.  If you did not buy the garment from me I will not replace it if it is damaged.  In addition my price for the decoration process selected will increase according to the number of items I am asked to decorate.  If you provide one item the price to decorate it will double based on my normal pricing structure.  If you provide for example 200 items my price to decorate will increase by a factor of 25-50 percent more than if you purchase the items from me.

You might be wondering about a policy that could potentially drive away customers. 

Part of my business and profit comes from selling garments, accessories, etc.  When a customer brings me a large quantity of garments that have been purchased (often wholesale from a vendor with whom I also do business) I lose a substantial amount of profit.  Folks I am in this business to make a profit.  If you bring me an item I cannot provide, then I will work with you individually to establish a fair price.  If you bring me items I could have provided you then the stated policy will apply.

Think about it this way - you do not take your own eggs to a restaurant and expect them to cook them for you.